TSCCA was founded back in July of 1980 by a group of like-minded friends, Ben Wang, Jerry Tien, Maurice Tsai, Cheng-Sen Lin, and Erwei Mei. The desire was to introduce Chinese culture and history to the American people and promote mutual understanding between people in both countries. The group scheduled events on Chinese traditional holidays such as Chinese New Year, May Fifth Festival, August Moon Festival, and numerous other cultural and dinner party activities.
Members of the organization are from all walks of life in the Tri-State area: medical doctors, college professors, college students, restaurant owners, engineers or scientists from different principles, and small business owners. The proximity with nearby businesses and educational institutions enabled membership to grow to over one hundred individuals at one point in time. The GE Plastic Division, Bristol Meyer Squibb Pharmaceutical’s Mead Johnson Nutrition, University of Evansville, and the University of Southern Indiana provided the organization with a steady stream of new members.
Unfortunately, the various economic downturns in the early nineties and the early twenty first century forced many families in the area to relocate. Over time, many of the organizations members moved to other localities and begin working for other companies. Membership eventually dwindled and the organization went dormant from 2005 to 2009. The organization was re-structured in 2010 and has been up and running since. Currently, most of our members take part in the monthly potluck event with members from Evansville Chinese Church at St. Paul Lutheran Church.
Founded in 1992, the TSCCA Chinese School has always been an integral part of the organizations services; it is open to anyone who is interested in Chinese language and culture. Due to economic uncertainties, many families moved away in early twenty first century which made the Chinese School unsustainable after the spring semester of 2002. Thanks to the recent influx of many Chinese families, we decided to re-open the TSCCA Chinese School in March of 2013 to serve the needs of children in Tri-State area. TSCCA Chinese School now offers four classes for children of different ages and language levels and we have plans to begin offering martial arts lessons in the near future.